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Nail Technician

New Classes Begin Soon

Our Nail Tech Program covers all aspects of artificial nail enhancements as well as manicures and pedicures. Through classroom and hands-on experience, our program provides students with the qualifications they need to begin a professional career in the beauty industry. The course will cover the latest trends on art and design for manicures and pedicures, safety, sterilization, and sanitation, massage techniques for hands, arms, and feet, customer relationships and more!


                              Upcoming Start Date - April 2nd, 2024 



Program Length

Our Nail Technician program is 500 hours which typically takes about seven months to complete. Our program will teach you the advanced skills on how to become a successful nail tech, enhance customer relationships and how to manage and market yourself to the customer by giving them the best possible service.


Financing your Education

At our school, we have a financial plan for everyone. We believe education is an investment and a privilege, not a right.  We have investment tools that help you manage the cost over time to accomplish your goals and attain a career that will offer greater earning power over time, not to mention increased job satisfaction. Our Director of Financing is ready to help turn your passion into your career. Click on the request info link for more information.

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