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Cosmetology students gain essential skills as well as current techniques in all aspects of the industry including hair, nails, and skin care. Through classroom and hands-on experience, our program provides students with the qualifications they need to begin a professional career in the beauty industry.


Our accelerated, one-year program enables you to receive your cosmetology certificate in half the time of traditional programs, positioning you to launch your career within a single year.

Program Length

Our Cosmetology Program is 1500 hours which takes approximately one year months to complete.


 Upcoming start dates:

 January 3rd, 2022

 August 1st, 2022

 November 7th, 2022                                       



PM School offers a variety of ways to afford an investment in your education.  We offer very competitive program costs and are transparent with our pricing but believe it is most responsible to provide final numbers in the context of an admissions meeting with all of the available options included. Please contact our Director of Admissions / Financing for further information.


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Total Cost: 


$  2,400.00

$     144.00

$     230.00

$     100.00

$       50.00


Our cosmetology course will help prepare you for the world. It has two stages in it’s course, Fundamentals and Innovative that will assist you in becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

 Fundamentals – Hours 351- 1500

We get back to basics by mastering the basics. Fundamentals starts with mastering the basics in hair cutting, color, texture, and styling. Fundamentals also perfects the foundations of skin and nail care. Our students first learn these basic fundamentals in theory, then master them in our classroom, by working first on mannequin heads, all while working one on one with one of our instructors.


 Innovatives – Hours 351- 1500

Stage two is where mastering what you have learned in the classroom comes into play.  You will extend your knowledge and skills by learning more advanced creative techniques. You will also get the opportunity to work on guests in our clininc classroom.  PM School will also teach you to communicate with your guest during the consultation to give your guest the best service experience.  You will  also learn to work more independently which will prepare you better for a career in the beauty industry. Duirng this time, you will also learn how to build a portfolio of the work you have done and build a stunning resume for your future employers. Once you reach 1,000 hours, you will attend Final Phase , which will prepare to pass your Cosmetology State Board Exam!


 Scholar Program

If you desire, you can participate in our intensive clinic classroom program. This program goes over advanced training that mimics working in a salon. In this course you will learn your highest level of performance by managing, planning, and setting team goals and what you need to learn to create your own success stories.